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We are Walkiddy. Walkiddy is a baby and children’s fashion brand that puts sustainability first. We always monitor international standards for organic cotton and use high-quality sustainable fabrics to produce clothing that protects little ones’ skin. Our designs are inspired by nature and fascinating creatures. We create collections through which children can discover the fairytale beauty of nature.

We, at Walkiddy, believe that clothing companies must prioritize sustainability and sustainable strategies instead of processes that serve to promote consumer culture. Why? Because we are convinced that the future of our planet is the future of our children. The continued existence of the eco-system is only possible with sustainability. Today, many clothing companies produce more clothing than is needed at low prices. This leads to waste. More production, more water and more deliveries are influencing factors that increase carbon dioxide emissions. By the way, many companies destroy the overproduced, leftover goods at the end of the season.

Precisely to counteract this waste, we only work with pre-orders. We produce our goods according to the orders of our customers from online trading and retail. This way we avoid having too much stock piled up. It is also important for us to be in contact with our customers and to support them on social media platforms. This means we are closer to the end consumer and learn from feedback from our customers which collections are in high demand and which are not. This also allows us to adapt our production to needs.

Here’s to a future where sustainability replaces waste and our children can make their own moves in a hopeful world…

Your Walkiddy team




January 18, 2020


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