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The term Kelim comes from Turkish and originally comes from the Persian term Gelim. This term refers to flat-weave carpets without a pile, as well as woven fabrics in the same style that are used to make cushions and furniture upholstery fabrics. Weaving methods can be traced back to ancient times, probably to prehistoric times. Kilims are particularly characterized by their low pile height and ease of care. You will not only see the high quality, but also feel it! Short-pile kilims are known for their high durability and longevity. They are therefore suitable for every living area. The low dust load makes it ideal for people with house dust allergies and thanks to the low pile, pets no longer get their paws caught in the carpet. Our Kilim carpets bring warmth and coziness to your rooms and create a unique feel-good atmosphere in your home.




January 18, 2022


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