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Our team specializing in the coffee industry conducts research around the world to find fresh, high quality coffees. This is how we are able to offer our customers the best coffee experience. We only sell coffee, not other products such as equipment and accessories. This means we can concentrate entirely on the coffee and offer our customers the best service. At Kaffeeschiff.de you will find a large selection of coffees from bean to bean. These include machine and filter coffees for hot coffee, espresso coffees for espresso, cold brew coffees for cold coffee and much more. We also regularly change our coffee range so that we can always offer our customers fresh and new types of coffee.




March 18, 2022


Web Development

Hafsa SoftwareHafsa Software
We are a company that provides IT services, which are among the most popular technologies of recent times, understands its work in the field of information technology and carries out professional work, always continuing our work in a dynamic and experienced manner.


Fritz-Reuter str. 19, 21629 Neu wulmstorf, Germany

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