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We, the team at Frank Eiselt Baustoffhandel GmbH, are your experts when it comes to cleaning needs. We have been working in this area for over 30 years and have therefore been able to acquire extensive knowledge and experience. This is exactly what we want to provide you with our service and products. With us you will receive top service and very high quality products at a fair price. We therefore act as your competent dealer and service provider for indoor and outdoor plastering work and look forward to helping you with your next upcoming project.

We sell powerful, reliable and durable cleaning machines, which we also rent out and repair. Feel free to browse through our online shop. You will quickly notice: We have the right tools and spare parts for every project.

All parts of our machines are compatible with the PFT machines on the market. You can either buy them directly from our shop in Lower Saxony or order them conveniently online. No matter what you are interested in – we are happy to help you!

In addition to the plastering machine and its associated PFT-compatible spare parts, our range also includes many other products for plastering and painting needs. Do-it-yourselfers and workers in the technical sector also get their money’s worth with us, as we continue to offer the following products for sale:

– Hand tools & measuring devices, such as: E.g. smoothing trowels, grape brushes, squeegees, spirit levels, tape measures and many more;

– Electrical devices & spare parts, such as: E.g. control cabinet, pressure switch, fuse switch, CEE couplings, power cables and many more;

– many products related to occupational safety, such as: E.g. safety helmet, safety glasses, safety shoes, safety gloves and many more;

– Work clothing, such as E.g. work trousers, work shirt, work jacket and much more;

– Painting supplies, such as E.g. masking film, brushes, adhesive tape (also double-sided adhesive tape) and much more.

With over 30 years of experience, we know that a machine can become defective again and again and therefore needs to be repaired quickly so that the job can be completed on time. If your cleaning machine is defective or needs to be repaired, our trained, competent and friendly service staff is available to you at any time – even in urgent cases, we will help you as quickly as possible. In the event of a machine failure, we will also repair it on site.

Our service team will intervene directly in the problem and ensure that your team is back to work as quickly as possible by providing you with a replacement machine free of charge during the repair period.

Please feel free to contact us at any time – we are your team of experts Frank Eiselt Baustoffhandel GmbH.




January 18, 2020


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