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The cute chimpanzee Chimpy and his friends

Every toy has a story… And this is the story of Chimpy, the cute little chimpanzee…

Chimpy’s journey begins under fair conditions and in loving hands who take great joy in processing the wonderful, warm material wood.

Chimpy is a chimpanzee that comes in the shape of a wooden rainbow,

in the form of wooden trees or in the form of a doll can be the companion of your little treasure.

In the world of Chimpy we strongly believe that toys should be trustworthy and harmless…

That’s why Chimpy Toys’ wooden toys are made from natural materials and almost no dyes, while the rag dolls are made from organic cotton.

“Find playmates”

The little players choose a Chimpy to play with.

Conscious parents often arrange this meeting.

Chimpy and his little playmates go on fun adventures together.

Colors and shapes

The wooden collection is designed in one color. The aim here is not to limit children’s creativity. This was very important to us.

Inspired by nature and everyday life, Chimpy’s simple three-dimensional lines help children develop their understanding of size and sensory skills.

The rag doll collection contributes to the social and emotional development of the little ones.

In short, Chimpy Toys is more than ordinary toys can be for children. The educationally valuable companions of the little ones also accompany them in their development to slowly grow bigger…

Even if the little players change, the story with Chimpy will shape them. There will be new games with new generations and hopefully very happy childhood memories with playmates and with Chimpy Toys.




July 18, 2023


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