How to Write a Web Address?

how to write a web address?
how to access the internet?
how to enter search engine?
what do extensions of sites do?
How to Write a Web Address?


In order to access a website, we will first need a browser. At least one browser program must be installed on our computer. In the first place, you can use the Internet Explorer program, which is installed on everyone’s computers, to write a web address. However, you can download different search engines such as Chrome instead of this program.


 How to Access the Internet?


 The web address should be written in the search bar of the internet browser. We can log in to a website by typing the name of the site we want to open and then pressing the enter key. However, if the web address is not written correctly, it will be difficult for us to enter the site and the page will give an error. In order not to encounter such an error, we need to make sure that the website address is written correctly.


 How to Enter Search Engine?


 Websites can be easily searched on different search engines such as Google. However, for this, we need an application on our computer. There are different browsers such as Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, and Opera. You can install the latest versions of these browsers on your computer. The Google website is opened as As a matter of fact, the IP address meets us in the background, but it is the website that we see. It means that we are communicating with the computer that has a number such as Google Access to the website is also possible in this way. We can write the IP address in the search bar, as well as the site name.


What Do Extensions of Sites Do?


 Each website has a different extension. On the world's most common web network, extensions such as .com determine the site type. This extension indicates that the site is a commercial site. Mil extension is used for military sites, edu for school and university sites, and gov for government sites.


 When you enter the site name and these extensions in the bar at the top of the browser, the site will open automatically. The De extension helps us access the German version of the site. In addition, extensions such as Fr can be entered for France. The site name you will get will actually give you clues about the sector in which you operate. For this reason, you need to be sensitive and careful about the domain names and site extensions you will buy.