What is a social media expert, what does he do?

What is a social media expert, what does he do?

What is a social media expert, what does he do?


We spend our everyday lives on social media. In the past, mobile phones were used for messaging and communication. Since the advent of the internet, many social media platforms have emerged. Sharing on the internet has started.


Since the advent of social media, new terms and new job opportunities have emerged. One of them is social media expert. So what is social media expert? What do these people do?


What is social media


 It is an online platform where users share their own content. Social media allows us to communicate with people on the other side of the world. There is no end to the conveniences it offers to our lives.


 What is a social media expert?


 A social media expert is a responsible person who plans and implements strategies to increase brand awareness, improve brand marketing activities and increase sales.


What does a social media expert do?


He creates the social media accounts of the company he works for.


It is very important that the content is original. He creates and edits the images, photos, videos that he will share every day and shares them for his target audience.


He does research.


Analyses the identity of the target group that the brand serves and applies strategies.


He is always on guard and looks at the comments on the products.


It has to watch everything that happens in social media. It especially watches the buying behaviour of the target group.


He should act calmly at the moment of crisis and solve this crisis with the best method.


He creates a calendar and acts according to this calendar.


Manages the brand name and cooperates with other departments.


He should master the new trends in social media.


During the campaign period, it prepares the campaigns for the company it works for and ensures that people take action to increase brand awareness during this phase.


It should analyse its competitors and conduct studies by considering the results it will encounter.


He produces and implements solutions to increase the number of followers of the brand's social media account.


The internet world is a constantly renewing world. Therefore, social media experts should always be open to innovation. The social media expert should have knowledge about the company they will be working for. A company that sells jewellery and a company that sells cheese will not be the same, nor will the strategies he uses be the same. The social media expert should know the industry he or she will be working in. In short, the social media expert is the virtual voice of the brand.