What is a social media expert, what does he do?
    We spend our everyday lives on social media. In the past, mobile phones were used for messaging and communication. Since the advent of the internet, many social media platforms have emerged. Sharing on the internet has started.
    How to quit Whatsapp Web
    Today, when communication has grown tremendously compared to 10 years ago, the Whatsapp application continues to be used on more than 5 billion mobile devices. The acquisition of the Facebook company in 2014 had a great impact on Whatsapp reaching these numbers. Whatsapp evolved itself with each new update, adding a new feature to its body and launched Whatsapp Web for Microsoft and Mac Os operating systems in 2016. Thanks to Whatsapp Web, you can transfer your messages to the web on mobile devices. You can talk to your contact list through your browser and send and receive your messages as long as you have an internet connection on your mobile device.