Blog posts of '2022' 'February'

    How to Buy Ready-made Theme Design?
    Design is one of the most important criteria in web site usage. Many people create website designs for their own service area and style. These sites prepare original designs for users. Moreover, the site designs are selected as templates in the most appropriate way for use. Color and theme options for current website designs are prepared in the widest range of products. These templates are available on certain sites.
    What is Google Index API System?
    Google Index API is a system that supports sites that need constant updates and new data entries. In this system, which is also called index API, some operations like URL removal are performed.
    What is a Broken Link?
    A broken link is of vital importance in terms of site architecture. Links that cannot be opened and reached within web pages are called broken links. Broken links that cannot be opened due to any error are considered within the scope of SEO studies. Therefore, it is necessary to constantly check for broken links and review the link structure.
    How to Use Facebook and Instagram?
    Social media tools offer different features from each other. Thanks to these applications that help to have a pleasant time, many people create a separate time for themselves. How to use Facebook and Instagram? How to install these? What should be considered when using them? Such questions are asked by many people. Among the details of the topic, they are known as the place where photos, videos and texts are shared. Facebook and Instagram offer content in their own fields. These applications, which provide different features and experiences, are the most used applications of the time.
    What are the Common SEO Mistakes on E-Commerce Sites?
    With the development of technology, many corporate companies open web pages on the internet. There are various mistakes on these SEO-oriented sites. In this sense, the first mistake is the incorrect entry of the URL parameter usage in the software. Many people access the page instantly via the link. However, if the site contents and the URL parameter are incorrect, it causes various problems for users. Complete software code must be provided at the designed sites. Developing technology products create an option for people in this sense.
    How to Choose a Logo?
    One of the first things to create a corporate identity is the logo. Creating a logo is very important in terms of reflecting the identity of the company. The logo designs should be done in an interesting and catchy way. The question of how to choose a logo arouse the curiosity of many people. It is suggested that the logo must be interesting. The strong design and aesthetic aspects of the logo will help to make progress in the institutional sense. There can be questions on how to choose a logo in different sources.
    What is the Place and Importance of Social Media in Our Lives?
    Social media is one of the most used areas today. Many people spend most of the day in social media applications. The place and importance of social media in our lives and the ways to use social media correctly are the questions wondered. Using social media correctly and effectively enables the right flow of life. Only leisure time should be used for social media applications. Otherwise, it will disrupt the work plan of the day and cause various problems.