Falling for Google Discovery
    Google Explore is a service that offers different content to each user and creates a summary, taking into account the users' interests. To fall into Google discovery, you must make good content and include quality visuals.
    What is Google Index API System?
    Google Index API is a system that supports sites that need constant updates and new data entries. In this system, which is also called index API, some operations like URL removal are performed.
    How to List Google Algorithm Results?
    Google Algorithm is a system that finds the content related to the search index and presents it to the user. The goal here is to find and list the best results for the search. It would be a big mistake to bring a glass to someone who is looking for a napkin. Although the Google algorithm is a complex system, it is a great requirement in digital environments. Being aware of this situation, Google is developing the system by producing thousands of updates and content.
    How is Google SEO performed?
    SEO Search engine optimization research conducted on a website that allows search engines to better understand the content and structure of the website by scanning the website is called SEO. It is the task of making your website search engine friendly.
    How should an SEO description be?
    SEO descriptions are generally rated in two names. These are: Title Descriptions and Meta Descriptions. In the past, meta descriptions were sufficient for this content and Google only saw meta descriptions, but now the situation has changed. Google now pays attention to originality and does not find the ranking of keywords correct. Proper use of title and meta descriptions together will lead to the desired result.
    What is an SEO Description?
    Search engine optimization, known in English as Search Engine Optimization (SEO), is a more preferred study to promote websites in the Google search engine.