Falling for Google Discovery
Google Explore is a service that offers different content to each user and creates a summary, taking into account the users' interests. To fall into Google discovery, you must make good content and include quality visuals.
How is Google SEO performed?
SEO Search engine optimization research conducted on a website that allows search engines to better understand the content and structure of the website by scanning the website is called SEO. It is the task of making your website search engine friendly.
How should an SEO description be?
SEO descriptions are generally rated in two names. These are: Title Descriptions and Meta Descriptions. In the past, meta descriptions were sufficient for this content and Google only saw meta descriptions, but now the situation has changed. Google now pays attention to originality and does not find the ranking of keywords correct. Proper use of title and meta descriptions together will lead to the desired result.
What is an SEO Description?
Search engine optimization, known in English as Search Engine Optimization (SEO), is a more preferred study to promote websites in the Google search engine.
How does a social media expert work
In the past, mobile phones were only used for texting and communication. Then the internet was invented. Thanks to the internet, everything is easy. Now you can check the news and the world agenda from your phone. Social media has now become the best interaction tool. We feel the power of social media in every field.
What is a social media expert, what does he do?
We spend our everyday lives on social media. In the past, mobile phones were used for messaging and communication. Since the advent of the internet, many social media platforms have emerged. Sharing on the internet has started.
What are the disadvantages of social media?
Since the advent of social media, news and what is happening in the world has been followed through social media. In the past, mobile phones were used for news and communication. Since the advent of the internet, many social media have emerged. Experts warn about the negative effects of social media. As the use of social media increases with the development of technology, its disadvantage for people also increases. So what are the disadvantages of social media?
How can I grow on social media?
Increasing your Instagram account means that your business or personal profile will have more followers and more engagement. As your Instagram account grows, you can gain more followers, increase their engagement and gain more recognition.
How to reduce technology addiction  
Technology addiction is a psychological impulse that arises from excessive use of the internet, social media and technological tools. With the development of technology today, technology addiction comes to the forefront in 3 out of 5 people. It is also characterised by different names. It is also called gaming addiction, video addiction, phone addiction etc.
How to quit Whatsapp Web
Today, when communication has grown tremendously compared to 10 years ago, the Whatsapp application continues to be used on more than 5 billion mobile devices. The acquisition of the Facebook company in 2014 had a great impact on Whatsapp reaching these numbers. Whatsapp evolved itself with each new update, adding a new feature to its body and launched Whatsapp Web for Microsoft and Mac Os operating systems in 2016. Thanks to Whatsapp Web, you can transfer your messages to the web on mobile devices. You can talk to your contact list through your browser and send and receive your messages as long as you have an internet connection on your mobile device.
How to use Whatsapp Web

How to use Whatsapp Web


The Whatsapp Web application, the most used among the indispensable instant messaging applications of smartphones, is an interface that can be used for computers. The application, which is frequently renewed, is ready to use as a very convenient auxiliary tool, as it allows instant communication not only for personal use, but also as a business tool, thanks to its additional functions. This application, which has been used since 2015, it offers a lot of convenience to users. While working on your computer, you can instantly check your messages on the internet, continue your correspondence or send and receive files.


Whatsapp Web provides users with access to various browsers such as Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Opera or Brave. In other words, it is not only at the service of smartphones, but at the service of all web browsers. Whatsapp, which has its own apps for Windows or macOS, works on the web on these platforms.


How does Whatsapp web access work?


To access the application, you must first have your phone with you. After that, you need to type Whatsapp Web in the search engine through the web Browser you want or use and enter the approved address. To use the WhatsApp web interface, you need to go to the menu of your Android operating system phone from the chat screen and go to the web part. On Apple, you have to log in to WhatsApp Web via the settings icon. Later, a confirmation of camera access will appear on your phone. After confirming this process, you should read the QR code screen that appears in your web Browser on your phone. After completing these operations, you will be logged into Whatsapp Web in your Browser. The application on your phone can be used this way from your Browser.


What can be done on Whatsapp Web?


The Whatsapp web interface is constantly updated and you are offered the use of new features. You can have your conversations through this interface, access your group chats, send and receive messages, documents and media files and save these files on your computer. Also, if the computer you are using has a built-in camera, you can take and send a photo instantly.


One of the things you should look out for when using Whatsapp Web is that your phone is not disconnected from the internet. To access the application via the web, your phone must be connected to the internet all the time. To reduce Data consumption, you can continue your operation without interrupting the use of the application, except in exceptional situations, as long as you switch off the mobile Data flow and connect your phone to the Wi-Fi network.


How do Software companies work
Software companies are tasked with performing the purposes and tasks required of computers and mobile devices. Software companies that perform tasks for a specific purpose or purposes create programmes and generate codes using those programmes. Software companies conduct studies that cover the management phase of the codes created and used.