How should an SEO description be?

How should an SEO description be?


SEO descriptions are generally rated in two names. These are: Title Descriptions and Meta Descriptions. In the past, meta descriptions were sufficient for this content and Google only saw meta descriptions, but now the situation has changed. Google now pays attention to originality and does not find the ranking of keywords correct. Proper use of title and meta descriptions together will lead to the desired result.


 How should the title be?


The title length is very important. If you enter a title between 50 and 60 characters including spaces, you can appear in Google results. However, if you exceed 60 characters in length, Google will not show your entire article. Title is the name you give to your page, i.e. the title that indicates what the page is about. For these reasons, be sure to have your keyword related to your topic in the title. The title description of any content you create must be unique. The use of images for the title is also of great importance. For example, if you talk about a cat in your title description, it is useful to save your image as "cat". You should not use a comma as a separator, but a hyphen (-) or long dash (|).


What should the meta description be?


This section can be called the description part of the description page. It gives visitors a brief information about the page. In Google, the meta description is the grey text below the URL. This part should not exceed 160 characters, otherwise Google will not show everything. The keyword must be included in your content, but its use should not distort the meaning. Google no longer accepts ordered and irrelevant keywords. The meta description is actually the summary part. It gives brief information about the topic for future visitors. Therefore, very interesting sentences should be used in this section to attract the attention of visitors and activate them. Meta descriptions created in this way will attract more visitors to your website and these visitors will be permanent.


Make sure that the meta description of each page is different from each other. Remember that meta description is a factor that increases user click-through rate, so it should be prepared very carefully. You can write meta description fields with sincere sentences that appeal to feelings. If you see your meta section as a headline section, use this section in this way, you can attract your visitors in a short time.