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    How is Google SEO performed?

    How is Google SEO performed?


    SEO Search engine optimization research conducted on a website that allows search engines to better understand the content and structure of the website by scanning the website is called SEO. It is the task of making your website search engine friendly.


     What is SEO service?


    SEO services are services usually provided by SEO companies or SEO experts to help your business succeed in search engine optimization.


     Why is SEO important?


    The purpose of SEO is to make it easy for users to understand your website. You need to define the theme of the website you want to create. Specify the keywords and keyword phrases that your site talks about. Therefore, please develop the search engine results page (SERP).

    The SEO study requires constant optimization to help search engine robots better understand web pages and improve the user experience.


    How is the Google SEO study conducted?


     If you are just starting with SEO, there are some things you need to consider. For good optimization, you need to focus on the following SEO topics:


    1-Content with high quality.


     If you want to conduct an SEO study on your website, you need to create your own high-quality content. Without original, high quality and easy to read content, all SEO studies on and off the website are not important. You can take your place in the search engine results by creating unique and high-quality content.


    2-SEO On-Site

    On-site SEO covers the most important and effective parts of search engine optimization research. This section explains the page title, description and URL selection. For this reason, at the beginning of the SEO study, you should first make sure that the on-site SEO setup runs smoothly.


    3-page titles and descriptions


    When a search engine spider visits a page, it first reads the page title and description. Titles and descriptions should be optimized according to the rules required by search engines. Headings and descriptions optimized for your search engines give your website meaning.


    4-Using images


    It is very important to use images in your content. Effective images make it easier to focus on the topic you are talking about. Also, don't forget to include the image information in the alt tag and HTML title of the image. Alt tags help search engine spiders understand the content of an image.

    You can also do this after you have studied and read the Google SEO guidance topics in detail.