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    How to Use Google Adwords?

    Online advertising with Google AdWords is one of the effective ways to get new customers and advance your business. If you have not used Google Ads before or are just starting to use it, you need to know what you can do to increase your return on investment from your advertisement expenses and avoid making mistakes.


    What is Google Ads?


    Google Ads is the world's largest and most widely used online advertising network, owned and operated by Google. Millions of Google Ads users advertise online using Google ads to reach new customers and achieve their goals.


    Advertisers who choose to use Google Ads can target users on two main networks: the search network and the visual ad network. The search network is a system where advertisers offer keywords related to their business and have the chance to show their ads to users who enter those keywords on Google. This also means pay-per-click advertising.


    The visual ad network, on the other hand, provides advertisers with the advantage to place custom visual heading style ads on websites that are part of the visual ad network. The Google Display Network reaches nearly 90% of global internet users, a large potential audience.


    How to Set Up a Google Ads Account?


    Before you start advertising on Google Ads, you must have a Google Ads account. Creating a new Google Ads account takes a very short time. So, it is very simple and easy.


    If you already have a Google account, you can use that account to create your Google Ads account, or you can create a new account to use with Google Ads. After activating your account, you must edit some basic information required for your account, such as your location and time zone. Finally, you set up the billing details so Google can bill you correctly each month.


    How to Use Google Ads? How to Optimize Google Ads Account?


    After you set up your Google Ads account with Google, it's time to think about how to configure your Google Ads account. Configuring your Google Ads account properly has many advantages:


    • More relevant traffic and clicks
    • Higher quality scores
    • Making it easy to optimize and maintain your account


    If you intend to run only one campaign, your Google Ads account will be simple. However, if you plan to run more than one campaign at the same time or if you have goals for the future, you should act in line with these goals from the very beginning and create the appropriate account structure.


    The ideal Google Ads account is structured into individual campaigns, each with its own ad groups. In addition, each ad group will have its own keywords, ad texts and home pages.


    There are several ways to configure your Google AdWords account. For example, you can configure your Google Ads account according to the structure of your website, as well as the types of products or services you advertise, or the geographic location of your business if it operates in more than one market.


    How to Use Google Ads? How to Use Keywords?


    Now that you have created and configured your Google Ads account, you need to know the most basic element that makes Google Ads work, which is keyword.


    Keywords are words or phrases that users enter into Google when searching to find things they want to know about based on their needs. Google Ads allows advertisers to offer using keywords to make their business stand out. In this way, ads are displayed to users when the relevant keywords are entered.


    How to Use Google Ads: Writing Catchy Ads


    After determining the keywords that best reflect your business, it is necessary to write attractive and persuasive text ads to increase clicks.


    Although Google Ads offers a wide variety of ad formats, text-based PPC ads are at the core of Google Ads. Writing ad text is a particularly challenging task, especially due to the constraints that advertisers face. You have only very limited space to create an engaging message that appeals to your potential customers and persuades them to click on your ad.


    It is necessary to be careful while writing PPC ad texts. For example, your choice of language is extremely important and has a huge impact on the tone of your ads. Many methods are used to encourage visitors to click. While some advertisements use emotional reactions such as horror or comedy, some advertisements use special offers.