What is an SEO Description?

What is an SEO Description?

What is an SEO Description?


Search engine optimization, known in English as Search Engine Optimization (SEO), is a more preferred study to promote websites in the Google search engine.


The aim of SEO is to bring the advertising products of the targeted website to the top. This is because the top ranked pages or ads receive more clicks and traffic increases. In addition, there is always preparation and planning of SEO studies. To reach a higher level, expert SEO support should be taken. Since Google is the most used search engine, Google also sets the SEO rules.


SEO is also referred to as any kind of study done to improve websites in many search engines like Google and Yandex. Search engines also give quality ratings to websites according to certain rules. To use SEO, it is necessary to know some methods and techniques. The texts used on the website should be original and pleasing to the reader. This is because the more attention is paid to such features, the higher the number of visitors to the page. Google updates its algorithm every year. The purpose is to present interesting topics to the visitor. SEO is divided into two parts as internal and external optimization.


Internal optimization


It is the name for the changes made on the web pages. Important content such as text, visual content, code structure, user interface are included here. The page must have a unique title, description and web URL.


 External optimization


It covers all interactions that take place outside the page. Off-page SEO is one of the sensitive and important topics. Another name for off-site study is known as backlink. A backlink is a website reference to another website. So some sites have the opportunity to reach the desired level. Some websites are also dangerous because they manipulate this structure.


 Some helpful metrics are used to ensure that the SEO study is going right. These are;

It is used as channel grouping, average position, click through rate, feedback and behaviour. It shows the average rank of the website, the number of Feedbacks and how long visitors stay on the site compared to other channels.