What is a Broken Link?

    What is a Broken Link?


    A broken link is of vital importance in terms of site architecture. Links that cannot be opened and reached within web pages are called broken links. Broken links that cannot be opened due to any error are considered within the scope of SEO studies. Therefore, it is necessary to constantly check for broken links and review the link structure.


     What is a Broken Link?


     Website owners are curious about the answers to questions like “What is a broken link?” and “How to detect 4xx error?”. The presence of pages with errors in the site is indicated by a broken link. Broken links, which cause damage to internal link circulation, cause weakening of SEO compatible content. Broken links, which negatively affect SEO health, reduce the quality of the site before the search engine.


     For all SEO processes, “What is a broken link?” and “How to detect 4xx error?” is wondered. Broken links are removed by the site owners immediately after they are detected. Fixing broken links depends on identifying why they occur in the first place. "404 - File or directory not found" message appears on the screen of users who get broken link errors.


     How to Detect 4XX Error?


     Broken link detection, which is almost a necessity for every website, is carried out with certain tools. SEO tools provide great convenience in broken link detection. In addition, in case of newly created broken links, site owners are informed via e-mail.


     Checking links one by one with a manual method seems to be a tiring method for site owners. Since there are many web tools available for free, broken link detection can be done using the relevant web tools. As a result of the broken link check performed by adding a small plugin, the detected broken links are fixed easily.