What are the disadvantages of social media?

    What are the disadvantages of social media?

    What are the disadvantages of social media?


    Since the advent of social media, news and what is happening in the world has been followed through social media. In the past, mobile phones were used for news and communication. Since the advent of the internet, many social media have emerged. Experts warn about the negative effects of social media. As the use of social media increases with the development of technology, its disadvantage for people also increases. So what are the disadvantages of social media?


    What is social media?


    It is an online platform where users share their own content. Social media allows us to communicate with people on the other side of the world. There is no end to the conveniences it offers to our lives. What about the disadvantages of social media for us?


    What are the disadvantages of social media?


    Social media is considered harmless when used consciously. But it isn't. When it is used outside its purpose and too much time is spent, it adversely affects human health.


     Impairs logical thinking


    It weakens people's logical thinking. It creates difficulties in building social relationships. It increases self-esteem. It can even make people depressed. Competition between people increases through social media, it is addictive and leads to an antisocial life.


    Everyone is in a race on social media. People are always trying to please each other. They do things they haven't done in their lives to get more likes. They do dangerous things to become a phenomenon that harms their health. They share untrue things and live a false life. They manipulate people's minds and direct their thoughts.


    Influences identity formation


    In the identity formation stage of children and young people, social media can harm identity formation. They can take people they see on social media as role models and behave like them. On social media, everything is very easy to talk about and there is no privacy. In this way, the sense of privacy is prevented from forming in the children. To get more likes, they can wear things they don't normally wear or post photos. At the same time, social media alienates and isolates from society. It causes weight gain and unhealthy living due to inactivity. Speaking and writing is also difficult in everyday life because of conversational terms.


    There is a life we miss out on because of social media. We have beautiful times to spend with our family and with our real friends. We should avoid using social media for anything other than its intended purpose. Nothing is more important than ourselves and our health.