How to quit Whatsapp Web

    How to quit Whatsapp Web

    How to quit Whatsapp Web


    Today, when communication has grown tremendously compared to 10 years ago, the Whatsapp application continues to be used on more than 5 billion mobile devices. The acquisition of the Facebook company in 2014 had a great impact on Whatsapp reaching these numbers. Whatsapp evolved itself with each new update, adding a new feature to its body and launched Whatsapp Web for Microsoft and Mac Os operating systems in 2016. Thanks to Whatsapp Web, you can transfer your messages to the web on mobile devices. You can talk to your contact list through your browser and send and receive your messages as long as you have an internet connection on your mobile device.


    How do I sign up for Whatsapp Web?


    Signing into Whatsapp Web is a fairly simple process for the average mobile device user. First, make sure your mobile device is connected to the internet using the WhatsApp application. After launching the application, you will see a button with three dots in the top right corner. After clicking on this button, you will see the Whatsapp Web option. Select WhatsApp Web. You will be prompted to enter in your Browser. Scan the Qr code on the page you opened in your browser and the one you opened on your mobile device. Your chats and conversations will automatically open in your Browser.


    How to sign out from Whatsapp Web?


    Signing out of Whatsapp Web is as easy and quick as signing in to Whatsapp Web. In this age, you only need to give commands as apps do most of the work for you.


    Logging out of the Whatsapp web Browser


    To log out of the Whatsapp web interface via your browser, click on the button with the three dots that you see at the top left of the screen. In the window that opens, press the "Exit" option.


    Logging out via WhatsApp Web mobile application


    Open the WhatsApp Web tab of your WhatsApp application on your mobile device. The sessions in which your WhatsApp account is open are listed in front of you. You can log out of WhatsApp Web from all sessions or from specific devices/sessions by selecting specifically.


    The only thing you need to make sure of in all these processes is that both your mobile device and your browser have an internet connection.


     Is there a charge for WhatsApp Web?


    Since Whatsapp itself is not paid, you don't have to pay a fee to use Whatsapp Web. According to statements, it will not be chargeable in the future either.